jacquenette_harper's Hellblazer #274 - Bloody Carnations, Part Four: The Cold Heart review

Hellblazer #274

Really good finish up of Epiphany being in the past and brought forward to the future. It was also a good lead up to the next issue, the marriage. And you get to see Nergal again, but leaves me curious if he is going to do more, or is the Nergal problem solved? We get to see some other characters, Gemma, Kit Ryan, and Gary Lester, which was good. And John has to tell Epiphany's father that him and Epiphany are getting married. Overall a good read, and you should pick it up!


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    Happy Holidays and reopend wounds to the heart(land). 0

    This issue is for the fans.  Nods to the past with a Gary Lester appearance. Nods to the first real Heart-Break when John Constantine sends an invite to the Heartland (Kit). Nods to the remaining bloodline with Gemma... but no Tefe which sucked.  This issue is a great set up to the upcoming Marriage next month and also a nice tie up to the whole Shade Madness (So far at least). I love that the art continuity continues with Simon Bisley doing the past, while Giusepp...

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