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Is that You, Pooh Bear?

This review is made in honor of the recent Hellblazer #273 as a way of comparing the current era of the series to those of the past...this issue was chosen because it's exactly 250 issues from the current one, the review is short (and sweet I hope) as just a simple way to get the idea across and to compare to Hellblazer #273 which should have a review up soon (if not up already) by me. If you want a better picture of this issue in review form, or my thoughts on this era, I have reviewed in greater detail the previous issue and recommend you check it out as well:

An improvement from the month before, I felt refreshed when "The Fear Machine" was over, what I got was an interesting one-shot. Although I would come to enjoy the following story "The Family Man" and think of it as Delano's best arc during his run, "Larger than Life" is possibly the best of his one-shots on the main title (though my memory is a little foggy)...and since they are collected in the same trade, well you might as well check it out if you want to see what I feel is Delano's best Hellblazer (barring Pandemonium, his OGN which I loved). However, I have to still give it to Milligan in a ranking situation for Hellblazer stories, Delano's Hellblazer was (as a friend told me) written to a different crowd of the time that I don't fully belong in. Delano is definitely a capable writer and has written some stuff I'd put in the top-notch category, Hellblazer just wasn't as accessible to me as it is to others. But here he does paint an interesting story which although I wouldn't go so far as to compare to Fables (as Silkcuts has in his review), it does have a similar premise, it seems a little weird in the Hellblazer universe, but then again, it's filled with the supernatural, can anything be considered "weird"? An interesting concept, not sure Hellblazer was the right platform for it but it turned out well enough. Again it's bundled with a great arc in trade format so I'd say just check it out and see what you think about it.

Posted by Silkcuts

Loved this issue.  This was "fables" in vertigo before Willingham had monopoly.

Edited by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: I just feel weird comparing it to Fables because I know Fables was basically the culmination of all of Willingham's work dating back more then a decade from when he started Fables, from Dreaming #55 to Ironwood, all his stuff has that Fables vibe to it, he's just a guy who likes fantasy
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  Don't blame you, the older stuff I read has the same Fables flavor, I just connected the two because I felt it is overlooked since a lot less people have no love for Hellblazer.

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