asymmetrical's Hellblazer #222 - Empathy Is The Enemy (Part 7) review

Anyone Empathetic Enough to Kill Me Right Now?

I mean, seriously! Remember when I said The Fear Machine was too long at nine issues? Empathy is the Enemy is WAY too long at seven issues, I was ecstatic to put this story behind me, unfortunately that excitement didn’t exist whilst actually reading the comic. Admittedly, there was some somewhat interesting stuff but for the most part not so much.

The “villain” was a complete wanker and annoyed me throughout and John was hardly himself for the most part…I mean I liked the ending in some ways, I found the idea of a world where people are so overcome with empathy that they are all driven to suicide to be worth a good story or two, unfortunately that’s the END of the seven-issue arc…I mean seriously, in seven issues nothing exciting is done and then we get a cliffhanger that's better then the entire story? Ugh.

I don’t really recommend this arc or run at all, the two are combined and the pros don’t really outweigh the cons, if you are a hardcore Constantine or Vertigo enthusiast maybe give it a look, but not if you’re looking for the best.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I don't know who unrecommended your reviews, because they were on point.  Sure the Jenkins run was a decent story and the star rating could of been higher, but I won't argue it because it wasn't stellar of a story either.  Same thing with Mina, you are right.  The arc was "Meh" compared to everything else Hellblazer has to offer.  Mina's run is considered universally as the series low point, not because its bad (Which it is), but because Mina as an inexperienced graphic novel writer, writing her "graphic novel" over a monthly format.  I believe this is why Rankin didn't jump in monthlies... Dark Entries wouldn't of flowed as well, yes it would of looked nicer, but the stories substance wouldn't be the same.  Mina's run suffers because of her inexperience... Instead of driving head first she should of written a short story or two like China Miéville did in issue #250.  Later we would learn, he was getting his feet wet for his aborted Swamp Thing.  
Even my review for the whole trade of Empathy ( HERE) I have sided that Mina's run is one that can be overlooked.  I keep it because of the art, not the story.  Manco is one of my fave HB artist and Bermejo one of my fave cover artist. Outside those points, the story is "Meh".  The Red Right hand would be so bad that on Mina's website, she doesn't even have anything proud to say about it "Judgement day has come to Glasgow. Nuff said." 
Your review was truthful and that is why poor Mina should not read it.  I am sure she can be a great graphic novel writer if she was given more time to grown at it.
Always nice to see what you have to say.
 - Silkcuts

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: maybe they found my title to be too graphic and unrecommended it? :P 
I have A Sickness in the Family on order though so I'm still excited for that, none of the Vertigo Crime novels have disappointed me yet
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  I've liked the crime novels too... haven't read them all because of budget. But plan to collect them all, if not hardcover, soft for sure.
I still haven't read Bronx Kill... that is the next one I want, worth it in HC?
Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: hell to the yes! Milligan is reason enough but I mean Bronx Kill was pretty epic, you're completely in the dark for the entire middle of the book and when you know the answers,'s a twisted story and yes I loved it 
also, I usually avoid hardcovers myself as a general rule of thumb but the Vertigo Crime became my exception after how awesome Dark Entries was, once I had several of them in hardcover, I needed to have them all, I like sets to match like that, I admit, I'm obsessed
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  in reality the hardcovers are better investments for $5 more you get the story a year earlier and it is better quality, which doesn't say much since the paper stock sucks.

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