dbzmaster789's Hellblazer #195 - Out Of Season, Part 1 review

A Taste Of Things to Come

The Chandler family is preparing to head off to the seaside as Chas and his wife notice John's name in the papers as a suspect in the Murder of Doctor Bradshaw.John hides in the back of a truck and steals some money from the driver when he turns his back,Angie and Gemma try to use a spell to find him but once Gemma sees Rose the room sets ablaze burning her hand but still no lead on his location.John walks around pondering what he saw during the hypnosis, coming apon a arcane which he breaks into only to find a man named Jinx there.He recongizes John(From Issue 188), deciding to help him out with food and other things.John drifts into a nightmare featuring The First of The Fallen,Demon Constantine and Triskillian,they mock him more thinking he is dreaming them and warm him they are from about several days in his future.Once he awakes he see jinx dead,murdered by the same man from the hospital.He tells John that he remembers everything he felt after being connected to the human consciousness through the Beast, to which he states only him and John remember.He states he only notice John because he used the name of a man he murdered, he says his name is peter and that John is his name.the Phantom Stranger visits a demon named Rosacarnis who he scoldes from interferring with John's delicate state of mind,she says he cant interfere but then the Stranger replies that he will find a way.Peter leaves John only to approach Chas claiming to be a friend of John's. 
Manco continues his awesome skill showing classic Hellblazer characters in prime form. 
Favorite Quotes 
Mrs.Chandler-The whole bloody almost ends and what do we do, go to seaside.In November. 
John-I've got a head full of monsters and i dont even know their names. 
Angie-Without being unduly cruel,some parts of me got really close to him. 
First of the Fallen-You've fallen into the abyss Constantine,thats what happens if you dance on the edge too long.it erodes.then plunges you headlong into the rgions where light never reaches.Believe me i should fucking know. 
Peter-Tools,Chas.Tools of My Trade. 
The threads for great new stories begins to flourish as we a introduced to new villians and very familiar ones.Carey once again states he has John's character so down packed he can erase his memories and still give good plot advances.

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