dbzmaster789's Hellblazer #173 - Ashes & Dust: In The City Of Angels, Part 4 review

The Mind Of S.W Manor

After more interrgations Agent Turro finally gets answers and the name he has been looking for, S.W Manor. Meanwhile Manor tells Father Sean of he wanted revenge on John for 20 years and finally got it and the hate inside his heart died. John then continued to seduce Manor and gives him the gift he's always been looking for, the perfect magical object to commune with his dead parents.Once John whipped him to get him closer to the other side he saw his parents apparitions and they told him how they disgusted with him and the life he led. Manor then sends out a hit on John to Ritchie Fermin . Turro begins to go confront manor and bring him in on murder charges. 
Frusin does more magic with his art and shows how twisted a human can be 
Favorite Quotes 
S.W Manor- A grudge is like a tree, the one thing that becomes more vibrant and alive than the transgression that spawned it. 
John-The brilliance about your plan was that even out of prision i was still in. 
John- I brought this dirt back from hell 
S.W Manor-He laughed as they spoke of how they loathed the man I'd become 
Azzarello starts to put nice little bow ties on the loose ends and makes an ok issue. The arc has been pretty good but he has done much better in earlier issues. For Azzarello fans this Hellblazer run is a must and contains his best story telling tools.

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