dbzmaster789's Hellblazer #168 - A Fresh Coat Of Red Paint review

A Night With John Constantine

John runs into a hooker and has some time to kill so he decides to get money for playing Bingo at an Old Folks Home. He wins 6 times in a row and speaks his mind to the old peopleabout why they look at  him and his date so oddly. Then he Procedes to take her to a Hotel Room the conviently belongs to Agent Turro, they have catch up on Current Events and talk about who really put him in jail. 
Early Giuseppe Camuncoli art is very good but his best is in the Current Milligan Run 
Favorite Quotes 
John- They wish they was young again, so they could kiss, lick, suck and be touched. Sweat, drip, ooze, melt around a body that sets you deliriously on fire but is Infinitely Hottter than yours. they never got enough of that, But Who Does? 
Turro-Wasnt talkin about you, Sister 
John- An Interesting Choice of Words, Agent  
Turro- Go Fuck yourself 
A pretty good filler isssue that still managed to move some plot point along as well. John + Agent Turro= A Guarenteed Crazy Night
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