dbzmaster789's Hellblazer #166 - Highwater, Part 3 review

The Power Of Hate

Major Gage isnt too happy about what his boys did to Wolfman And tries to find a solution when John conviently offers one.John begins to slowly Fill Major Gage's mind about how the younger generation could spell trouble for his cause, and does the same with Jimmy to grow seeds of Distrust. 
Frusin does Another landscape view but not as astounding as the others but still very good art. 
Favorite Quotes 
John- Major what you said before about young people? y'spose that sometimes the best way to Teach' em the right way to go about things is To Teach Em A Lesson 
Marjorie-Ellison Gage pointed me in the right direction. The teachings are in  the Bible 
John- Written In Black And White I Suppose 
John- If its wrong to hate any of The Good Lord's creations 
Marjorie- I Believe Its A Sin 
John- Right, Right. A Sin So Tell me Then Who Created Satan? 
Azzarello's Constantine Dialouge Is Probably Some Of The Best Ever Written In HellBlazer. The story progresses more and we begin to see how S.W Manor is always behind the scenes And Their Confrontation Has been Building for Decades.
Posted by Silkcuts

A actually like Marcelo's art a lot

Posted by dbzmaster789

me two one of the best hellblazer artists 

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