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Helio attacks with a supersonic punch.
Helio is a member of Maelstrom's Minions which are a trio of superhumanly powerful agents that carry out Maelstrom's biddings. Helio is believed to be either a human being or Deviant given power by Maelstrom through means of Terrigen Mist. Helio and his other two companions, Phobius and  Gronk were first dispatched to Hydro-Base to steal the Anti-Terrigen Compound invented by Reed Richards and the Inhumans. Helio acted as Maelstrom's spy and would create sonic booms or "airquakes" as distractions to avoid being sighted. They succeeded with their task but were eventually captured. Maelstrom sent his ally Deathurge to execute them. More clones of Maelstom's Minions were created and they have battled the Thing, Inhumans and both the East and West Coast Avengers on seperate occasions. The current whereabouts of Helio and Maelstrom's Minions are unknown.  


Helio was created by Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald, Gene Day and Ron Wilson in 1981 and first appeared in Marvel Two-In-One # 71.

Powers and Abilities

Helio is constantly surrounded by anti-gravitons making him lighter than air. He can fly at supersonic speeds, to the degree that he was capable of easily dodging Iron Man's repulsor blasts,  and create turbulent winds called airquakes by expelling gravitons directionally.  These airquakes were powerful enough to temporarily knock out Iron Man's armor's circuitry.  His winds are fast enough to create a vortex, and were so strong the Scarlet Witch had difficulty quelling them with her hex power.

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