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An army Blackhawk pilot during the Gulf War, Helen Bach was on a resupply mission when her chopper was gunned down right into the middle of the enemy's Elite Guard Unit. She was tortured and abused by them for a week before they shipped her to a Baghdad Prison. When she arrived at the prison, she was already suffering from two cracked ribs, a concussion, and a fractured ankle. She had it much worse by the time she had left. Upon her release, she was given a medal and medical discharge for psychological instability.

To help put her life back together, Helen has built a bunker in her apartment and has collected an arsenal of weapons as a means to protect herself. Though she no longer struggles with her past on a daily basis, she wants to ensure that she will never again be at the mercy of others.

Helen currently works as a foreman for a construction company in the East Village in Lower Manhattan. As a construction worker, she is able to focus on a life of building things instead of tearing it down.


Helen Bach was created by Larry Hama.

Major Story Arcs

Possessed by Ogun

In the aftermath of the Onslaught crisis, Helen was hired as a foreman of a construction site in Lower Manhattan where her company restores buildings that had been destroyed during the battle. It was on site that she met Wolverine, who was taking a brief leave of absence from the X-Men. She gave him a job to work on site, as he was looking for a few weeks of honest work with good people and would work for free.

At the time, Wolverine was in possession of a mysterious box given to him by Zoe Culloden. The box was hinted to contain the secrets of the adamantium bonding process. Because of this, both Lady Deathstrike and the demon entity of Ogun were (separately) seeking both the box and their revenge on Wolverine.

After a day of work, Wolverine returned to his apartment to find Ogun, who was possessing a street-entertaining mime. In the ensuing battle, Jean Grey and Storm, who had come to visit Wolverine, burst into the apartment. With Jean's telepathic powers, she was able to expel Ogun from the mime. However, Ogun was able to flee and then took possession of Helen who also came to visit the apartment.

While possessed by Ogun, Helen arrived at her own apartment where she kept an arsenal of heavy artillery, grenades, and other various weapons.

Wolverine went out to fight Lady Deathstrike, and had instructed Jean and Storm to guard the mysterious box at his apartment. Helen arrived, still possessed by Ogun and guns ablazing. Jean was able to deflect the bullets with her telekinesis, and Storm was able to subdue Helen with a gale force wind. Jean was again able to use her telepathy to defeat Ogun on the astral plane, where he was exorcised from Helen's body.

After calling a truce, Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike arrived back at the apartment only to have Ogun take possession of Lady Deathstrike and flee the scene for good.





Helen Bach is not a mutant and possesses no super powers.

Special Skills - hand-to-hand combatant from training in the army, skilled with a variety of firearms.

Weaponry - Possesses a closet full of hand guns, heavy artillery, knives, and grenades.

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