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H'el prior to his journey into space

This origin is the one told to Supergirl by H'el It should be noted that this isn't entirely trustworthy given that H'el has already shown himself to be willing to manipulate Supergirl to reach his goals. According to H'el, he was a prized student of Jor-El and was chosen to be the first Kryptonian test pilot in centuries, in a rocket designed by Jor-El. His departure was much celebrated and on the day of the launch, he was accepted into the House of El by Jor-El. During his voyage however, H'el was side tracked by unknown obstacles. Taking him through uncharted space, H'el arrived on Earth 27 years after Krypton's destruction only vowing to go back in time and stop the destruction of Krypton, not caring what it might cost Earth.


H'el was created by Scott Lobdell, originally to be the New 52 equivalent to Bizarro. However, DC editorial decided that H'el should become an entirely new character due to the massive changes that would have been put in place. However, some remnants of H'el's original identity remain in his physical appearance. For instance, his inverted S symbol and his pale, scarred appearance.

Major Story Arcs

H'el on Earth

For More Information: H'el on Earth

After spending a while surveying the Earth unseen, H'el's first interaction with it is a confrontation between him and Superboy. The two fight but Superboy is seriously outmatched - even when the rest of the Teen Titans join the fight. H'el captures Superboy and takes him hostage.

H'el's next stop is Supergirl's Sanctuary under the Atlantic Ocean where he teleports a seriously exhausted Supergirl to the Sun's surface. There, Supergirl's energy is replenished and H'el is able to gain her trust. He goes on to teleport them back to Sanctuary where H'el shows Supergirl an unconscious Superboy - offering to show his devotion to his cause by killing the “abomination". When Supergirl refuses, H'el sends her to talk to Superman and bestows upon her the gift of fluency in English.

When Supergirl introduces Superman to H'el, he recounts his story but finds Superman to be less willing to believe him than Supergirl. H'el offers to kill Superboy again to show his devotion to the cause. Superman, however, takes it badly and hits H'el, sending him flying backwards. H'el begins his retaliation by giving Supergirl the illusion that he is Superman so as to knock her out for the fight. He then engages Superman and a recently awoken Superboy in a fight - which he wins with ease - and teleports himself and Supergirl away.

H'el then takes control of the Fortress of Solitude, easily teleporting Superman and Superboy from it. He then manages to manipulate Supergirl into taking the Quantum Crystal from the shrunken city of Kandor and falling in love with him. Shortly afterwards, the Justice League and Superboy assault the Fortress, having discovered that H'el plans to destroy the solar system and use the energy released to protect his ship during time travel. After repelling the assault, H'el teleports the entire Fortress of Solitude out to the North Pole and begins the process of destroying the solar system.

Before finishing the process, H'el decides to finish of Superboy once and for all. He teleports to where Superman, Superboy and Wonder Woman are preparing a last ditch assault on the star chamber. Here, he telekinetically removes Superman's armor from Superboy and sent him flying. He then moves on to Superman who instructs Wonder Woman to help Superboy instead of himself, despite the ease with which H'el is defeating Superman. While H'el fights Superman, Wonder Woman is able to convince Supergirl of H'el's true intentions, and so Supergirl decides to confront H'el about the situation. She arrives shortly after Superman is teleported away by the Oracle, Superman returns and starts to put all his effort into defeating H'el and his punches are felt around the globe. Eventually however, H'el regains the upper hand as is about to leave in his ship when Supergirl tells him she understands what he is doing and has decided to join him. However, in her hand she is holding a shard of kryptonite taken from the Fortress of Solitude - despite great pain inflicted on herself, Supergirl plunges the shard into H'el's chest, seriously harming him and sending him floating into the distance where he travels in time and space to Krypton before its destruction.

Powers and Abilities

H'el claims to be Kryptonian but has also shown various abilities that neither Superman or Supergirl possess. However this could be explained by the fact that H'el has been traveling the galaxy for so long and absorbed energy from different colored suns giving him a variety of abilities. As a Kryptonian, H'el's body acts like a "solar battery", absorbing energy to give him enhance abilities.

His abilities common in Kryptonians under yellow suns include:

  • Super-Strength - H'el has displayed strength enough to engage both Superboy and Superman in a physical fight.
  • Flight - Much like his fellow Kryptonians, H'el can fly easily without any visible effort
  • Invulnerability - He has shown little to no damage after attacks from other super-powered beings.
  • Super-Hearing - He is able to hear from great distances.
  • Super Speed - He has displayed speeds beyond Superman's, but it is unclear if it was purely speed or if it was due to his teleportation abilities.
  • Longevity - H'el has claimed to be mentored by Jor-El, yet appears to be merely a few years older than Superman, Jor-El's son.
  • Total Recall - He seems to be able to recall memories in almost perfect detail.
  • Intellect - His intellect is vast enough to allow him to be the top student of Jor-El, one of Krypton's best scientists.
  • Super Healing - This is not certain. In his first appearance, H'el had multiple scares all over his body. Now, however, he is largely scar free. On the other hand, this could be attributed to artists failing to remember to draw all of the scars

His abilities never displayed by Kryptonians under the yellow sun in the New 52 include:

  • Teleportation - He has shown the ability to appear and disappear at will, originally thought to be just super-speed, H'el has teleported others great distances in the blink of an eye, for instance, moving from the surface of the sun back to Earth seemingly instantly. He is also capable of teleporting the entire Fortress of Solitude at will.
  • Telekinesis - He has shown the ability to move objects with his mind, create force fields, and has displayed fine control of his telekinesis allowing him to affect things on a molecular level (as when he began to deconstruct Superboy to see how he was made). His telekinesis seems to work like Superboy's, giving him an understanding of/mental connection to what he applies it to as if it were another sense.
  • Telepathy - H'el has displayed several abilities that fall under the scope of telepathy. He gave Supergirl the ability to speak English and gave her the illusion that he was Superman.
  • Matter Manipulation - H'el was able to shrink Supergirl down to send her to the bottled city of Kandor, but expressed that he was unable to do the same with his own body, so the extent of this ability is unknown
  • Astral Projection - H'el has shown the ability to project himself to others when he himself is not physically able to accompany them. Similar to the use of holograms. However, this could be another application of his telepathic abilities.

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