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Her children included  Antiphus, Cassandra, Creusa, Deiphobus, Hector, Helenus, Hipponus, Laodice, Pammon, Paris, Polites, Polydorus, and Polyxena. She survived most of her children who were killed in the War. Polydorus, the youngest, was actually killed by Polymestor, a traitorous ally of Troy. The famous play "Hecuba" by Euripides focuses on Hecuba's revenge, resulting in the blining of Polymestor.  
Hecuba was enslaved following the fall of Troy but tales of her further fate were contradictory. According to a version, she set sail for Ithaca with Odysseus. Like everyone aboard the ship, she was lost on the way. Another tale reports on her committing suicide. A third version mentions her loosing her sanity, starting barking instead of speaking. In another version, Hecuba was transformed into a real bitch to serve as the eternal companion of Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft. 

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