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Fall From Grace

Heka-Nut was a unique, kindhearted sorcerer. He was described as having been young, brilliant, and an overall appeal that made him glitter like the stars. His uniqueness and good spirit earned him a friendship with Ashake, a beautiful and talented white-haired blue-eyed witch. The two individuals were hand chosen by the Gods to be tutored in their ways, and to learn the secrets of the mystic arts. Though Heka-Nut cared for his friend, Ashake, he still had flawed insecurities in his own talents. These insecurities were not helped at all by his perception that the Gods actually favored Ashake more than they favored him. Though he served the Gods faithfully for a thousand years, he still could not shake is insecurities, something the Elder God Chthon picked up on right away. Chthon, sensing Heka-Nut's resentment for Ashake's skill, told the sorcerer that if he gathered the four cornerstones of creation, that he would be supreme. Unable to resist the opportunity of being the dominant pupil of the Gods, Heka-Nut took on Chthon's quest, began practicing dark magic, and started a thousand year search for the sword of bone, which started a long-lasting battle of good vs. evil between himself and his former friend. One day, when the time-jumping mutant Magik came tumbling through space, Heka-Nut attempted to net her to him, so that she could find the sword. However, Ashake's powers proved more effective, and she saved the young mutant before he could get to her. However, He used his powers of necromancy, and sent a strong set of minions against Ashake and the mutant she was harboring. His attack proved successful, and he sent Ashake and Magik on a quest to obtain the sword of bone, using Ashake's very soul as collateral. Though the pair succeeded in their mission, Heka-Nut had no desire to keep his word, and was boasting about his plans of destroying Ashake's pure spirit, and converting her to his mindless slave. But the sword of bone only worked on those pure of heart, so when it entered his hands, it reverted back to its bone form. Magik attacked Heka-Nut with her soulsword, which ripped all of his dark power from him, and left him a shattered, unrecognizable version of the man he once was. The women left him to wander through the desert, and Ashake placed all of his power into a vessel that Oshtur herself provided.

Present Day Return

Thousands of years later, the sorcerer Ian Mcknee was sent on a false quest to find the four cornerstones of creation, and resurrect Heka-Nut, a plan which was orchestrated by Chthon (who was disguised as Oshtur). Heka-Nut would have taken over Ian's body, had it not been for the intervention of Morgan Le Fay, Ashake, and Llyra, who each used a cornerstone to bind Chthon and Heka-Nut (a plan devised by Ian, who sense that he was being lied to). With the Sword of Bone to bring logic to his clouded mind, The Rose of Gaea's strength to tie him to the truth, and the Serpent Crown of Set to flood him with feelings, it was easy for Ashake to restore Heka-Nut's true self as a respected ally and a friend. Hearing his cry for help, Ashake used the Sword of Bone to set him free, ending his suffering and granting him eternal peace. At Heka-Nut's instruction, Ian used what power the Egyptian sorcerer had left to restore himself, and banish Chthon back to his realm.

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