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Brief History

Kruger was a secret agent for the Nazi's whom had infiltrated into the highest ranks of the U.S. Army. He was also one of the Reich's top assassins. One day, his sources told him he was to kill Professor Erskine if the rumors where true that the scientist had created the Super-Soldier Serum. He was told that this would blow his cover and almost certainly mean he would not escape alive. The days before the assasination, Kruger was in a conflict with himself. He wanted to serve his country and make his wife and children proud of him, but he did not know if he could do it. Living in America for so long, he found out that Americans where not that different from his people. They all wanted to be loved and live a good and honrable life. Eventually, Kruger refused to follow his newfound feelings and accepted the assignement. It was then that Kruger, as his American alter ego Fredrick Clemson, joined a few high-ranking American army officers to the Super-Soldier Project. There he was one of the few witnesses to see the birth of Captain America. As Kruger found out the Serum worked, he shot at Captain America and professor Erskine with a gun he had concealed, killing the professor. In his attempted escape, Kruger fell on one of Professor Erskine`s machines where he was electrocuted and died. His actions had made it so that the Super-Soldier Serum died with it's creator, Professor Erskine.

Other Media

Captain America: The first Avenger

In the movie, " Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011), Kruger is one of Red Skull's top assasins and is played by Richard Armitage.

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