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Heinkel Wolfe is one of the Iscariot Organization's three greatest assassins; she is often partnered with one of her elite comrades, the schizophrenic nun known alternatively as Yumie/Yumiko Takagi, wielding modified .50 Desert Eagles as her weapons of choice. She served Iscariot as an infrequent bodyguard and killer of Enrico Maxwell's; she was deployed along with Yumie and Alexander Anderson against the Letzte Batallion's  London invasion; she helped wipe out a platoon of Millennium footsoldiers and was tasked by Anderson to escort Integra Hellsing to her manor; she eventually confronted Anderson with the orders Maxwell had issued to capture Integra; Anderson replied Maxwell had quit serving God, but Heinkel was unconvinced. When she tried to anyway apprehend Integra, the Draculina Seras Victoria landed in the vicinity and drew away the Iscariot priests, scaring them with her newly acquired vampire abilities. Heinkel attempted to make a stand against her, but Anderson dissuaded her, saying she had no true means of wounding her opponent.

She was then ordered, along wit Yumie, to pull Iscariot out of the line of fire as Anderson confronted Alucard and the army of familiars he had summoned. Heinkel defied these orders to give Anderson a final chance of killing Alucard by leading whatever Iscariot priests remained, strapped to explosives for suicide attacks against the mass-wave tactics the familiars employed, witnessing Anderson's defeat and death. Then, the brainwashed Letzte Bataillon agent Walter C. Dornez intervened, crushing Anderson's remains and killing Yumie when she tried to kill him for his disrespect. Heinkel was forced to retreat, and in her retreat was wounded in the mouth by the Captain, heavily scarring her face. Instead of finishing her off, the werewolf deposited a first-aid kit next to her and gestured to keep out of the way. This infuriated Heinkel, who salvaged a sniper rifle and managed to score a heartshot against the weakened Dornez. He, unfazed, used his wires to cut her arm and leg.

She, however, was saved by the weakened remains of Iscariot, and over the course of the next thirty years came to be the Vatican's most feared agent, as a powerful regenerator much like Anderson had been. The incident at London made her lose her cool-headed personality and instead forced her to adopt a brutal, vicious one, hearkening to Yumie and Anderson. Highlighting the similarities between her and Anderson, she had also made enemies out of Seras Victoria, Alucard's protegée. She, at some point, was informed by new Iscariot leader M'Quve the devastating attack against London decimated Iscariot's abilities for a long time, and that the following Crusade against Hellsing would require centuries of preparation; this revelation infuriated the now ageless Heinkel.

Some fragments of her story are apparently included in the Crossfire extra, where she first partners with Yumie to exterminate a terrorist raid on a Middle East relief camp, then to brutally kill a band of thieves who had massacred an entire church in Germany to abscond with the Christmas offerings of the region, and then to terminate a cult in England. For the most part, Heinkel keeps a calm demeanor, unconcerned with the threats her prey issues, merely reminding them of their own status before killing them. She appeared to be somewhat intellectual as a part of Iscariot, and tended to get into conflict with Maxwell over expenses (a subject that profoundly irritated Maxwell).

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