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Heero's Early Life

Heero Yuy was born on an unknown date in After Colony 180. Little is known about the boys early life, though it was known that, by the age of seven, Heero was already working with Odin Lowe, the assassin of the original Heero Yuy, a politician fighting for pacifism. Odin taught Heero much of what he knew about being a soldier, such as how to handle a firearm. When Heero was eight years old, Heero and Odin were sent to colony L3-X18999 to assasinate General Septum, a General under The Alliance. Odin was put in charge of the assassination, but Heero had his part to play as well. Heero attempted to destroy one of The Alliance communications tower, in which a twelve year old Lucrezia Noin was operating. Before the missles could hit the tower, though, Treize, who was the instructor of the facility, moved a Leo he was piloting in the way of the on-coming missles. The resulting explosion seriously injured Treize, but he was able to save the site, which may have been a factor in his becoming leader of OZ.

Heero attempted to run away and find Odin Lowes. When the boy found the man, Odin was fatally wounded. With his dying breath, Odin told Heero that he must live by his emotions, for it takes only one foolish person to change the world. Heero then took to wandering the colonies, but he was discovered by Doctor J, a lead part of the The Colony Liberation Organization. Dr. J began to admire the boy, and offered him a job piloting a Gundam. Heero accepted the Doctor's offer, and the two left.

  Heero in his Gundam
Heero later appeared under the Code name Black Alpha in the Sanc Kingdom when he was 11 years old. Here, he met Relena, and aided in a anti-Alliance assault.

When he was fourteen years old, Heero was assigned with the destruction of an The Alliance base on one of the space colonies. He successfully set the explosives for the bases destruction, but decided to wait until night came before destroying the building. He spent the time he had left in a park, where he met a women with her dog. The two began to talk, and became friends, but they seperated.

That night, Heero activated the bombs in the base, and it was destroyed. A Leo, hit by the explosion, was knocked into a earby building, crushing it before the Leo exploded. Investigating the ruins of the building, Heero found the girl from the park's dog. He discovered that the girl was destroyed in the explosion, and became grief-stricken over what he had done. He buried the dog (and possibly the girl, if he found her), and Dr. J was ordered to train the boy to forget emotions,as his emotions would get in his way on the battlefield. It is unknownif this training was carried out, but it is obvious by his seemingly emotionless appearance later that he was affected by her death.

Operation Meteor

In After Colony 195, Heero and four other The Gundam Pilots (Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre, and Wufei) were sent to Earth in an attempt to destroy The Alliance and OZ. Zechs Merquise, one of the top members of OZ, noticed the five ships, but because of its position, the shuttle could only intercept one of the shuttles, Heero's. Heero began to enter Earth's atmosphere, and noticed a civilian shuttle in his direct path. He attempted o shoot down the shuttle, but when Zechs' ship appeared behind him, he decided against it, not wanting to draw attention to himself. He was unable to keep a low profile, though, and he attacked the ship with the Wing Gundam. Zechs sent out two of his men, and both of them were destroyed by one shot from Heero's Beam Cannon. Zechs Merquise then attacked the Wing Gundam, and was able to get close enough to the Gundam to bgrapple it, before he parachuted out of his Leo, leaving Heero and his Mobile Suit to plummet into the Ocean.

Heero was washed up onto the beach after his Gundam had been sent to the bottom of the sea. He was found here by Relena Darlian, The daughter of a wealthy aristocrat and who had been in the shuttle that Heero was going to shoot down. Relena became scared after finding what she thought was an Alliance Soldier, and she called an ambulance for the boy. As the ambulance arrived, Heero awoke, and seeing that he had been found, he proceeded to escape, knocking out the hospital workers and hijacking their ambulance.

To conceal his identity, Heero joined a local school, and which, whether coincidental or purposeful, was the same school that Relena attended. Relena, who had began to harbor a kind of obsession for Heero, gave him an invitation to her birthday party. though everyone cheered after her asking, Heero proceeded to tear the letter in half. This caused Relena to cry, and Heero wiped away her tear, before telling her that he was going to kill her, and leaving. Later that day, in fencing class, one of Relena's friends challenged Heero to a duel, wanting to impress Relena and to put down Heero. in the duel, Heero's foil broke, but he proceeded to stab the broken weapon through his enemies mask, telling him to ask for the invitation next time, for then he would give it to him instead of tearing it up. During one of the horse riding classes Heero snuck onto a computer, trying to find missles that could be used to destroy the Wing Gundam before OZ could get their hands on it. On the day of Relena's birthday party, proceeded to infiltrate a Alliance military base, hijacking multiple torpedoes in the process. When he is abou to launch the torpedoes, though, he is stopped by none other then Relena, who had skipped her own party to find Heero. Heero then pulled out a gun, fully prepared to kill Relena, and therefore silencing the only person who knew that he is a pilot of some sort. Before he can shoot Relena though, he is himself shot in the arm, by a strange man with a braid. Heero then attempts to get the gun, but is shot again. Before the man can shoot Heero a final time, he is saved by none other then Relena, asking the mysterious man why he would want to shoot Heero, completely ignoring the fact that the man was shooting Heero to protect Relena. Heero takes this opurtunity to launch the torpedoes manually, before falling into the water with a satisfied "Mission Accomplished."

Heero later wakes up in a hospital run by The Alliance, to which he was brought to by Relena. He is able to control his breathing as to make it look like he is still unconcious, and he begins to wait for the chance to escape. As he is waiting, the screen suddenly appears before him, and on it is the man who had shot him. Heero readshis lips, and is told that the man's name is Duo Maxwell, another Gundam pilot, and that Duo wishes to get him out of the hospital. Heero accepts, and Duo breakshim out by blowing up the wall of the room Heero is in. The two begin to escape, Heero with a parachute and Duo with a handheld helicopter. The two jump out of the window, and Duo activates hism helicopter. Heero, on the other hand, is planning on dying, and allows himself to plummet to Earth. Suddenly, Relena calls Heero's name, and Heero activates his parachute, but he is to close to the ground. Heero then begins to slide on the side of the wall, slowing his impact before he hits the ground, breaking his leg. Duo and he then escape. Heero later resets his own leg (much to Duo's disgust) and prepares to fix his Gundam.

Duo and Heero then begin attending a new school as to not draw suspicion to themselves. They proved in a game of basketball their superior physical abilities, and after the game, Duo attempts to get Heero to lighten up a little, since they are on the same side. Then, a limosine pulls up next to the two, and Relena steps out of the car. After a brief talk, Heero leaves.

Duo Maxwell

The next day, Heero is given the assignment of destroying an OZ Mobile Suit carrier. Heero begins to fix the damages he inflicted on the Wing Gundam. When Duo Maxwell offers to Help Heero fix the damages to his Gundam with some extra parts, Heero declines. Duo finds him to be foolish in this decision, since not even the world's greatest engineer could fix anything without the right parts. Heero just ignores Duo's protests, and continues to work on his Gundam. As the OZ carrier flies overhead, Heero prepares to launch, and too the astonishment of Duo, he is able to take off. A few seconds later, Duo learned that Heero had actually stolen the parts from the Deathscythe, and Duo becomes pissed. Heero then destroys the carrier, and he and Duo go their seperate ways.

Relena, in a story following this, witnesses her "father's" death, only to learn that he is not her father, but that she is a Peacecraft, a family devoted to pacifism. She is about to be killed by OZ, but she is saved by the The Colony Liberation Organization, led by Doctor J, Heero's old teacher. He tells her about Heero, and she begins to understand him.

Heero soon calls in a transfer from the school, as it will make his next mission much easier to accomplish. Relena, after hearing this, rushes up to his room, and confronts him. He pulls a gun on her, but does not kill her, since it would only lead to an investigation into him, and he couldn't afford that. Relena is able to convince Heero to go to the dance, and the two of them dance to a slow song. Relena asks if he is still going to kill her, which he replies to with a yes. She then says that she is fine with this, and that she is now on his side. Heero becomes confused by this, but just then, it is noticed that the party is attacked by Lady Une, a lead member of OZ. Though Lady Une is their to kill Relena, Heero mistakes it folr an attempt on his life. He then takes his Gundam and begins to attack the attacking Mobile Suits. In the ensuing chaos, missles hit the building above Relena, but before she can be crushed by rubble, Heero saves her, both to her and his astonishment, as he had said earlier that night that he was going to kill her Heero then attempts tokill her with the Gundam, but can not will himself to do it. Infuriated at himself, he charges at the enemy Mobile Suits wiping them all out. Heero then leaves the party, confused and angry with himself.

Heero, along with all of the other The Gundam Pilots, is given orders to attack an OZ base where multiple of OZ's top members would be. Heero and Duo meet up there, and also two of the three remaining Gundam Pilots, Trowa Barton and Quatre. The four Gundam Pilots are quickly overwhelmed by the enemy, but the Pilots do not give up the fight. Soon, a plane with the logo of OZ takes off from the base, and Heero quickly destroys the shuttle. Heero returns to the ground victorious, but then Wufei, the last gundam pilot, appears, telling them they have all been fooled. The ship that heero had just destroyed was actually a plane full of pacifistic delegates, and, with them dead, OZ had a perfect chance to take over. Heero was forced to leave in defeat.

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