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Hedy steeling thunder
Hedy was Patsy Walker (Hellcat)'s best friend and had a long love-hate relationship with her. She lived in Centerville and was a good friend of Patsy. During their teenage years the two even lived together. The only problem was that she could become overly jealous of the attention Patsy had from other boys, most notably her longtime boyfriend Buzz. Hedy had a crush on him herself, and from time to time she tried to break the two of them apart. Eventually Patsy married Buzz and Hedy and Patsy stopped living together. The two of them remained close friends over the years and Hedy stood by Patsy during the rough times she had being married to Buzz. Eventually Patsy divorced Buzz and became an Avenger. Hedy was one of the first persons to hear of her secret identity. The two of them lost frequent contact after Patsy married her Defenders teammate "Hellstorm". A few months later Patsy committed suicide. Hedy was devistated.


Hedy Wolfe was created by Ruth Atkinson and first appeared in Miss America Magazine #2 (1944).

Mayor Story Arcs

Hellcat Mini-Series

A good friend
A few years later, Patsy was brought back from the dead and soon returned to her good friend Hedy in order to get in touch with herself again. Hedy and Patsy spoke of times past, how they where the best of friends and how Patsy's mother had written stories about the two of them. It turned out that most of the stories where Hedy had been a jerk towards Patsy where actually the stories that her mother had come up with. The two of them laughed but suddenly Patsy started to cry, having returned from the dead is not something that went by easily. Hedy remained at her side for as long as she needed and even helped out Patsy as Hellcat when she had to fight of a demonic foe whom attacked Hedy and Patsy's hometown of Centerville.
Not long after this encounter, Hedy started working for a model magazine called Models Inc. She remains close friends to Patsy and the two have renewed their friendship.

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