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As seen in the 1971 Godzilla vs Hedorah, Hedorah originated as extraterrestrial spores which fell to Earth. The spores turned into tadpole type creatures which fed on toxins and pollution before forming into the mass that is Hedorah. Throughout his arrival he had a few encounters with Godzilla where he proved to be quite powerful. Godzilla, with the help of the military, was able to dehydrate Hedorah and blast him into dust.


Hedorah was created by Yoshimitsu Banno.

Major Story Arcs

Smog of War

Godzilla Legends #4

After the destruction of Linfen, China, Mechagodzilla is sent to investigate. Hedorah forms behind him and attacks. He smothers Mechagodzilla in toxic sludge and then changes his form into a flying creature and takes off. Mechagodzilla flies after him in pursuit over the sea. Godzilla erupts through the water and aids Mechagodzilla in his attack. They each fire upon Hedorah who strikes back with his own energy beams fired from his eyes. Godzilla tears out one of Hedorah's eyes but loses it when he is hit with a blast of toxic smog. Hedorah adjusts his eye back into place and is about to strike Godzilla when he is struck by Mechagodzilla's taser whips. Mechagodzilla flies Hedorah into space where he freezes before blasting him into pieces. Chunks of Hedorah fall back to Earth and thaw in the ocean as small creatures are seen swimming in the water.

Powers & Abilities

Hedorah has the ability to redistribute and rearrange his mass into weapons and forms of transportation. He can also fire energy beams from his eyes and fling parts of his toxic sludge body at his enemies as well as bursts of concentrated smog. His mere touch is corrosive.

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