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Hector is a former magician and friend to Hank Medley. Hector has an awareness and knowledge that magic is real. Hector would try to warn his friend Hector that great danger and upheaval would be coming showing him druid scriptures foretelling the arrival of a powerful sorcerer Samsun. Hector would chide Hank's less than serious attitude to this news, explaining further how serious this matter will be. Later that night Hector's warning would bear fruit as he and the majority of humans would be relocated to the Void realm as Samsun would cast a powerful spell. Samsun would now walk the Earth once again and Hector would find himself in a hostile and darkened reality with even the moon shattered floating in the sky. Hector would find himself alongside Hank's off and on again girlfriend Alle, the two glad to have company.


Hector is an Aspen MLT character created by Vince Hernandez and Khary Randolph. He first appears in Charismagic series, Charismagic #1 - High Stakes.

Character Evolution

Hector appears as a protagonist and ally to main character Hank Medley within the Charismagic universe. Playing somewhat of a seasoned veteran role, the character alongside Alle feature in their own subplot in volume one, before both becoming unwilling antagonists in volume two.

Major Story Arcs

High Stakes

Hector aware of the threat the powerful malicious sorcerer Samsun possesses heads to his friends Las Vegas to warn his friend Hank of the impending threat. Later that night Hector's prediction comes true when he and the majority of the human population are displaced to the Void realm by Samsun's spells and sorcery. Hector does manage to find Alle in the Void realm and the two seek safety whilst surfing the hostile threats of the dark mysterious shadow realm. Hank is still on Earth with Sparkles and now being aided by druid Sudana, Hector and Alle must wait to be rescued.

Flight Plan

Alle and Hector must continue to try and survive in the Void realm. Whilst waiting they bond somewhat, and get assistance from a mysterious but powerful stranger (later revealed to be Serke) and eventually Hank and Sudana come through for them and rescue them returning them to Earth. Unbeknownst to all involved, the strange aiding them, Serke was manipulating them from the shadows and had enchanted both Hector and Ell to make them subservient and malleable to his control and wishes. Now empowered by magic both Hector and Alle could now summon dark creatures and are being primed to lead Serke's army on Earth.

Smoke and Mirrors

Hank and Alle both becoming pawns of Serke after their encounter with him, start playing out his master plan. Now back on Earth they helped bridge to the Void realm and allow Serke to return. They also head to a nuclear power plant and summon the great slumbering beats Torgan, another powerful ally of Serke. Although Hector is aware he is being manipulated and by an evil influence he can't control his actions. Worse for his situation, Alle appears to embrace this new identity and power, revealing in the destruction they wreak.

Powers and Abilities

Hector has no superhuman powers or abilities. Hector was a former Las Vegas stage magician and has knowledge of that industry and skilled in sleight of hands, illusions and other stage performance magic. Hector also is knowledgeable and aware of real magic and some history about its influence on Earth as well as notable figures such as Samsun.

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