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Hector Velasquez is a research scientist with knowledge in the fields of biology and nuclear physics. He was a colleague of Bruce Banner. His daughter Christina married Dr. Daniel Ridge and later went on to have cosmetic surgery to resemble Ridge's dream woman, the She-Hulk. Disturbed by this development, Hector blamed She-Hulk and decided to kill her.

He at first used a toxin to bring his target to a near-death state. When Ridge attempted to revive her, Hector allowed it but gave her a gammaradiation overdose. The results were a She-Hulk who was bestial and uncontrollable. Hulk arrived to assist his cousin but Hector revealed his creation of a Gamma Tank, an armored vehicle designed to stop the various Gamma-radiated people. The vehicle fired concentated Gamma-radiation and was equipped with electrical tentacles. It prooved sufficient to stun the Hulk but Herctor had miscalculated how savage She-Hulk had become. She ignored the pain and ripped the Gamma-Tank apart. Hector survived but was arrested for attempted murder.

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