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Age of Apocalypse - Earth 295

An oasis for humans and mutants alike, located in the center of Manhattan, the new home of Apocalypse´s reign. Heaven clubhouse is a penthouse owned by Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Angel converted in a nightclub to Alphas, highest class mutants, and a few humans personally selected by Apocalypse.

The fabulous Scarlett

Usually the establishment offers entertainment to amuse its costumers. It is recognized as place made to satisfy the Prelates pleasures. One of the main attractions is the singer Scarlett McKenzie, who had a secret relationship with Alex Summers (one of the Apocalypse´s Prelates).

The club is neutral to genetic war but served as information provider to the highest bidder, all directed by Angel. Giving data to well known mutants as Gambit or Nightcrawler.

When two of its workers, Scarlett MacKenzie and Karma are apprehended, the integrity of the club come into view. An infinite force task goes to the club and tries to apprehend Angel but he escaped and this forced him to make a final decission and attacked Apocalypse.

Frequent users: Havok, Jesse and Terrence Aaronson.

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