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Heat-Ray was created by Chris Claremont and Mike Zeck in 1981 and first appeared in Captain America # 258. His super name was Blockbuster in his first appearance but it would later change to Heat-Ray in Quasar # 41.

Story Arcs

Heat-Ray would later appear as a member of the Fangs alongside Bludgeon, Slither and Razorblade. The Fangs are a group of mercenaries and killers lead by Viper. They save Viper from the Iron Monger who was hired by the Red Skull because he believed the Viper was squandering his money for the sake of chaos. The Fangs take Viper to her secret pit and reveals to them her plan to broadcast a special frequency from a transmission center that would blind all the people watching from a television set. The Viper was followed by Captain America, Battlestar and Silver Sable so she sends the Fangs to deal with them. Heat-Ray is taken out when Captain America deflects a bazooka blast from Bludgeon and redirects it at Heat-Ray during mid-flight. The rest of the Fangs are defeated and eventually apprehended.

Equipment & Abilities

Heat-Ray wore an armored fire suit designed and created by Justin Hammer. This suit granted Heat-Ray enhanced strength, durability and resistance to extreme heat. The suit was equipped with a flame shooter on his right wrist and his left wrist could fire a force beam. The suit's backpack is its energy source and provides Heat-Ray an air cooler to help him breathe under extreme temperatures. As a member of the Fangs, Heat-Ray was able to attain flight through his jet-pack and equipped with various firearms.

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