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I Loved Two Men

A few girls know the glory of love... of loving a man and being loved in return! Some girls are fortunate to find their supreme happiness once! And some... I only hope they are few... are unlucky enough to love and be loved by two men at the same time! This was my fate and my misfortune! To be forced to make a choice between two wonderful men, neither of whom knew the other existed! If you think my position was enviable... don't! You can't imagine the torment I suffered because... I Loved Two Men

Hasty Engagement

Wayne Keller and I had only known each other a few weeks when we decided to get engaged! In spite of warnings from out parents, in spite of the fact that Wayne was due to be called in service at any moment, we obeyed that reckless impulse, only to learn the heartbreak that can result when you decide on a... Hasty Engagement

A Sacrificed Romance

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Shore Leave Sweetheart

The man I loved offered me what I believed to be half a marriage! And I vowed that no matter how much my anxious heart tempted me, I would never say yes to a sea-going sailor for I refused to accept the prospect of lonely days as a Navy wife!







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