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Doe eyed beauties

The first story here is a relatively grown-up one for a romance comic which usually focuses on some misguided attempt at anachronistic misogyny (though I guess it wasn’t anachronistic back then.)  Instead this focuses on a girl who is afraid to find love as she fears ultimate rejection as she was abandoned by her father and is often ignored by her mother.  So she gets a reputation as promiscuous as she dates guys for a couple of dates and then leaves them.  When she finds the man of her dreams the same problem comes up, but he too seems guarded.  There is a short intermission story which is actually kind of sweet and innocent about a girl that can’t find a way to talk to the guy that she likes.  The next story is a bit more in line with what to expect from this series, but even then the overall premise is not as outdated, just a little fanciful (though maybe not even that fanciful) as a woman can’t learn to force herself to love the man of her dreams.  The last story is one which looks at young love in the form of Cathy Brown a girl that has been in love with a boy four years older than her for most of her life.  I think in terms of romance comics that this is one of the better ones that I have read, with some entertaining and even non-offensive stories.  Also somewhat notably three of the characters here were named Cathy of Kathy.  



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