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A sinister black Apokoliptian diamond used to imprison the divine entity of revenge, Eclipso, before he was substituted in his roles by the Spectre. The malevolent diamond was lost in time, and it landed in Africa, where a white explorer would find it later and take it back to Europe to have it later cut into a thousand perfect black crystals, each of which was independently capable of summoning Eclipso when the bearer was angry and in little light or a shadow resembling an eclipse. Bruce Gordon, the first Eclipso was chained to, gathered as many of the diamonds as he could to stifle Eclipso's influence, after being cut by one by a tribal wizard known as Mophir and awakening a form of Eclipso within himself. However, it was revealed that between Bruce and Mona, his fianceé, a child would be born, and that child would time travel to Africa in the past and become the original rescuer of Eclipso. However, the Phantom Stranger was able to collect the thousand black diamonds and fuse them back into a single black stone, throwing it into the Moon.

Another man and another future Eclipso host, would find the black diamond and liquefy it, injecting it under his skin, binding Eclipso's power to him by secret tattoos. However, he would die when the tattoos were damaged, and his corpse would be desecrated by a millionaire in order to literally extract the Eclipso-laced blood and drink it, partly establishing a hold on Eclipso's powers. However, Eclipso himself returned when Alex Luthor recovered the diamond and handed it over to the Psycho-Pirate to give to Jean Loring in Arkham Asylum to trigger the birth of a new Eclipso to further unbalance the hostless Spectre into destroying all magic. After Luthor's plan failed, Loring, as Eclipso, kept using it independently as a brooch for her cloak. It was thought lost in the oceans near Themiscyra when Loring, depowered, was drowned.

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