Check Out He-Man's New Look

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@animehunter: I would not mind seeing and update for her as well.

uhm, no. he-man needs to show skin, period


Does anyone else get the vibe this is Thunder punch He-man? that or this is his ancestral horde armor that King Grayskull wore in his clash against hordak and lost his life but managed to banish hordak from eternia at the same time........*cough*.... >_>

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ehhh looks to Thor-ish for my taste

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I'm not opposed to it, he just looks really young (and slim) and looks like a Superhero. But it's the N52U now so...that's the theme.

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He Man was in much need of a redesign, and I think whoever thought this suit up nailed it.

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He-man in IronMan armor... sucks...

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Sorry no,its too much. Why not just change everything about him and destroy the franchise completely. His was popular because of his looks,his powers,the whole idea of he-man. If this was the look back then it wouldn't of been as big imo.

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This He-man really looks like he could fit into a crossover, preferably against Darkseid, Hulk or someone else of that caliber. I like!

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jim lee and his new 52 concepts RUIN EVERYTHING!

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Awful costume

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to me it looks like a cross between the He-Man outfit and the Prince Adam outfit

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i like it and its way better than what he wore in the show 'the new adventures of he-man' now what was up with that?

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By the power of horsesh*t!

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Its pointless. It doesnt matter how the character is dressed, the story has to be good. Using the early 00's cartoon, I knew about the snakemen, but I wanted Seletor's team. I had no problem with another group of villains, in fact, with the Horde, I would have liked 4 groups vieing for control. It would force unusual alliances, He-man working with Hsss, or Hordak or bonehead to stop an alliance of the other two, then a few weeks later, he works with one of the other two etc. I've never been a fan of the us VS them, I want several groups constantly playing each other.

As for this new look, its ok, as long as She-Ra get a new outfit that covers as much as her brother's old costume covered. Just make hers a miniskirt, & He-Man's old top just with her symbol on it.

I also dont like that he looks younger.

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Infinitely better than the look he was rocking in the "New Adventures"!

I just hope Adora's hair grows in fast, the butch look isn't working for me.

This is so much better than...

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Whoa!!! That's a hot redesign right there!

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You sure it's He-Man? It looks more like Prince Adam to me.

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Covered legs and no pageboy haircut. It's good but does it say "He-Man"?

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Eh not digging it.

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Not a big fan of this.

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We need skin, and Skeletor better be Myah-ing it up.

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I like He-Man's original gigolo look.

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Even Hulk got armor now so it is okay with me

Pretty much Thor meets captain marvel ....


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god damn it, why are people putting clothes on?! I want more half naked characters with goofy ass costumes.

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I like it, he looks a bit young now but i like the costume

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I think it looks good.

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Not a fan of this at all.

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Should've gone with the Stjepan Sejic design. See? Classic and not bare legged but still showing off muscle. Skeletor's looking positively evil too

yes,Yes,YES!!!!! why they ignored this is beyond my mind's ability to comprehend... ugh

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I can safely say there are about 5 or 6 true he-man fans on this site in total. And so far those of us who have seen this approve of he-mans change.

But honestly though people. If you are not currently reading the series. what makes you think you have much of a say in what you like or dislike about the series.

For those who bought into this series and dislike the costume that is fine its your opinion. I just think this is a good direction that is a mix of fantasy and modern armour. cause really there is nothing wrong with change like this. its a positive direction to make the series more serious.

This is a design by EricGuzman

Or this one is my favourite one by Feurercorn

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Not bad, not bad really at all. Looks great, plus with Benes doing the pencils on it, you know its gonna be great!

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Is this for real?

(not digging it)

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In a word..crap.Sorry.

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he looks great. he just needs to too a bit older

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Ew. Not a fan O_o

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too bishonen

we need mantits damnit

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I LOVE IT! Though I do miss that power sword that Adam had in that 2002 rendition of He-Man

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Very Impressive

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looks legit i like it

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I don't get the hatred for this costume. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own "hatred"... I just don't understand it.

As for the "teen" look, I think it's just artist's rendition of the face. I bet it would look butch and mature if drawn by someone else.

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I don't get the hatred for this costume. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own "hatred"... I just don't understand it.

As for the "teen" look, I think it's just artist's rendition of the face. I bet it would look butch and mature if drawn by someone else.


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I'm still not sold on the artistic liberties DC is taking with the new He-Man series. It'll take me few more issues. I'm just waiting on the supporting characters to make their appearances. I just hope the new outfit is temporary.

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@trodorne: DC have just come out with the look for She-ra, whether it's the final illustration not sure

And this is what they say about the issue this will be in so 4issue to go before if this is right before She-ra makes a full return.




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