trodorne's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1 - The Seeker review

OTR #47: I say HEY! Whats going on? Pt.1

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Phillip Tan

Colorist: Carrie Strachan, Tanya Horie, Richard Horie (must have been a package deal)

Inker: Lebeau Underwood, Ruy Jose

Letterer: Carlos Mangual

So what happens when you mix a childrens toy company and Conan the barbarian? A sitcom about a man who wanders around in a furry loincloth saving people from the antics of a man with a boney face; and thus was the start of my childhood hero. I won't deny He-man himself has almost been at the same level of ridicule as Aquaman for most people who knew about him. For fans of the series he is the strongest thing next to Superman (which a rematch is in order). So lets get into the first part of these reviews that examines the first issue of this Toyline love child.

Scandalous Stories

Ive missed that sword so much. makes more sense than that 2002 series sword.

So it starts off as a dream, dreams about a half naked man bearing arms and charging into battle. not much is known. We wake up to find Adam a simple woodsman, Living quietly in the woods with Snake mountain looming in the background. not ominous what so ever. More and more dreams keep coming about He-man to Adam while he sleeps. He tries to venture off and gets into his first battle against one of skeletor's minions. he wins and continues on, a plan is involved to try to stop him before he remembers.

James Robinson. I admire the man to try to tell a story about an iconic figure of the 80's. Making him modern is definitely the hard part. While at the same time so far, Im left wondering if his story that he wanted to tell was being a little rushed... maybe from higher ups who want to make sure their apparent toy line is getting some attention but in fewer issues. I come in with REALLY high expectations as a He-man fan. At this very same time I know the smell of Toyline executives when they want something pushed through. (smells like cheap plastic, cuban cigars and oxy-cotton)

Overall, the story was good and left me feeling like there should have been more in this issue and they could have prolonged it to two issues before he goes on his quest. But I also understand it cost money to print so hopefully when we get Issue 2 that there will be a good flow in terms of story and action. 3 out of 5.

Awesome Arts

Overall design of he-man is definitely changed a little but there is more of a realism brought to the most powerful man in the UNIVERSE (remember that people). As well as beastman was done very well and made him more menacing unlike being just a cartoon minion who fails at everything he does. The action side to all of this is great. Though I question some of the designs.

Art made him more SO much better. but he is still a goon. BAM! (mageria)

Philip Tan, Now I only know him of his work on Savage Hawkman where his art worked well with the series. I have to admit when they name dropped him for art I was somewhat adamant about him working on he-man. I would be because im used to the art of Emiliano Santalucia back when the series was done back during the MV creations series. While I love that the classic power sword is back, leaves me wishing for the 2002 designs. But still great designs around for Adam.

The colours and ink for this issue was good, but at the same time made me wonder why Adam's eyes were black most of the time. how much of a big brow does one man have? For those who know the lore of Eternia know that Snake Mountain resides in the Dark Hemisphere which is usually littered with rocks, lava, and vine like jungles to the south. this seems like a nice forest that would be closer to the evergreen forest near castle grayskull. But ill stop freaking out here and move on.

Overall the Art is good and interesting to see fresh updates based on the 80's line. At the same time as a he-fan that im still some what reserved on some of the designs and maybe question others. But over all the art is good and the colours are pretty solid. so I have to give it a 4 out of 5.

Fancy Overalls

What is up with the skull in his hand? stay tuned for part 2.

Overall the story and art seem good. while the story seems a little rushed and forced to keep it short. at the same time the action in the art as well as the colours go very well. and interesting to see a barren landscape such as the dark hemisphere being fertile and full of life.

So the entire thing gets a 3.5 out of 5. Its one of these issues that He-fan can hold off on reading until second issue comes out and then gauge whether or not to start jumping on. But for new readers there is so much of this which you will enjoy especially if you have not grown up in the 80's. This is a great piece which new readers and begin to be engulfed by this universe and the most powerful man who lives in it.

This is the end of part 1 in terms of the He-man reviews. Keep a look out for the second part in which ill take and dissect the online comic done by Geoff Johns. So fingers crossed He-man fans as we dig deeper into the Mystical world of Eternia.

Posted by rasx

That Beastman looks badass, I may have to check this out. Thanks for the great review.

Posted by NightFang

@rasx said:

That Beastman looks badass, I may have to check this out. Thanks for the great review.



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