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Hazel was a New York based chef in her first appearance. Hazel was introduced to woman called Foxglove by her brother Johnny. Hazel fell in love at first sight. Despite this Hazel had a one night stand with a waiter she worked with. Hazel and Foxglove had just moved in together.

Other residents of the apartment building were Barbie (A woman who could no longer dream), Wanda (A pre-op transsexual) and Thessaly an immortal witch. After an attack on the women by a creature called the cuckoo that lived inside the dreamland of Barbie, Thessaly took Hazel and foxglove with her to find and kill the creature. It was during this time that Hazel revealed she had had a one night stand with man and had gotten pregnant. It was difficult to forgive Hazel but Foxglove did and the two decided to raise the child together. When they returned to the real world there friend Wanda had died and their home had been destroyed.

Foxglove started to write music after the events in " A Game of You". At one of Foxglove's gigs, Hazel encounter a girl called "Didi". Didi was an alias of Death. Death became quite fond of Hazel so much so that she allowed Hazel to make a deal with her later on. That same night Foxglove was spotted by a talent scout.

The two moved to Los Angeles so Foxglove could pursue her career. Hazel gives birth to Alvie just as Foxglove's career takes off. The family moves to Los Angeles. Foxglove is warned not to come by her manager. While she was away Alvie falls and dies. Hazel makes a deal with death that she will go to her in one year in Alvie's place if she lets him live. Foxglove's starts to believe that she doesn't love Hazel anymore after the affairs. She proves herself wrong however when she goes to death's realm and offers herself in place of Hazel. Foxglove's bodyguard takes Fox's place and dies for Alvie.

One of the women Foxglove slept with while she was touring sold her story to the papers. Foxglove retired after this revelation and Hazel and Foxglove moved to suburbia to raise Alvie.

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