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Hazard is one of the leaders of the Split-Second Squad. She is one of the few members who have actually seen a dimensional gate open and fought against the alien invaders. This is because the gates only open every twenty years.
She had fought alongside of the father of Alec Wagner. This gave her trust in his human abilities. She trained Alec for over eighteen years to follow in his father's footsteps.


Hazard is a no nonsense type of person. She has little patience and expects all her orders to be followed. Some of the members of the squad refer to someone being mean or bossy as 'going hazard.' 


When the Thinktank was stolen from the Squad, she pulled Alec into active duty. During the mission, she had to destroy the Thinktank so the alien invaders would not be able to use it. She has had many missions since and has begun to rely on Alec's abilities in combat.

Powers and Abilities

Power Suit - Like all members of the Split-Second Squad, Hazard wears a battle suit. ( Info)
Unarmed Combat - Hazard is well trained in hand to hand combat.
Weapons - Not only is Hazard proficient with a firearm, she is also deadly with bladed weapons such as swords and knives.
Super Hearing - After a injury in battle, Hazard's hearing was repaired with a device that amplified her hearing greatly. It is so good, she can fight without her vision.

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