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Alex Hutton lost his parents when he was eight - they were going to appear as witnesses in the trial of corrupt cops in Chicago when a bomb blew up their car, killing them both. He was raised by his grandfather, a hunter and tracker who lived in the Rockies. The old man was an hermit, who distrusted organizations such as police departments - a dislike he transmitted to his charge, along with various hunting skills. When the old man died, Hutton came back to civilization in his grand-da's Range Rover. He eventually became a bounty hunter, working out of the rich market of Las Vegas. Hutton rapidly became known as a formidable manhunter.

Hutton was singled out by Doctor Emilio d'Oro, a scientist working for Kaizen Gamorra, as an excellent test subject, with top-notch physical fitness and great skill and experience. The goal was to produce a perfect assassin for Gamorra, and d'Oro intended to reach this objective using an experimental solution of nanites he had developed.

An ambush was mounted, replacing Hutton's current trackee with a cadre of Hunter-Killers. D'Oro shipped Hutton to Gamorra Island , then successfully transformed Hutton into a superhuman within a few days, naming his creation "Hazard". He then demonstrated to the bounty hunter he could create great pain in him at will, or even kill him nearly instantly. Furthermore, he told him that the nanites would replicate themselves at a sustained pace and kill him within two weeks, unless d'Oro were to administer further treatment. The initial plan was to send Hazard to kill Weatherman One, StormWatch’s commanding officer. However, at that point, a huge rebellion broke out in Gamorra, and a fierce superhuman battle erupted, resulting in quakes. One such quake allowed Hazard to flee the lab ; from there he found his way back to the US via plane. D'Oro simply fled, knowing Hutton would have to track him down soon or die.

After various adventures, Hazard zeroed in on d'Oro, only to discover the scientist was planning to take control of Los Angeles by spraying a new version of his nanites over the town. Hazard chose to destroy the abandoned oil rig on which the Gammorran had made his base - that would take out d'Oro and thus Hutton's chances of survival, as well as some unfortunate guards, but was the only way to save L.A. At that point, fourteen days had gone by and Hazard was in his last 24 hours.

Except that, for no reason at all, the nanites simply didn't do what they were supposed to (maybe d'Oro had lied all along) ; Hazard is still active today, acting a bit like a super-hero but paying his bills with his bounty hunter job.

Alex Hutton is an expert tracker and marksman. His body was filled with nanotechnological machines that have augmented all of his natural abilities to a superhuman degree.


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