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The character named Hazard first appeared in Infinity Inc. # 34 in 1988 and was created by Roy Thomas.


Rebecca (Becky) Sharpe's grandfather was the criminal known as the Gambler and was a member of the original Injustice Society of the World. After being recently paroled from prison, Stephen (the Gambler) Sharpe gambled at Seymour Taj's Taj Mahal Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the games were fixed to ensure that Taj could control the outcome. Although he was a master gambler, Stephen Sharpe gambled away all his money.

His spirit totally broken by his defeat, Sharpe fatally shot himself. Sharpe's granddaughter Rebecca was determined to avenge him. Somehow she had gained the psionic ability to influence luck and probability through the use of special dice.

Becky Sharpe made her first public appearance as Hazard in the company of other members of the new incarnation of the Injustice Society. Hazard agreed to join Injustice, Unlimited on condition that the group refrain from committing murder. The group's leader, the Wizard, assented to her terms, although he had no intention of abiding by them.

Injustice Unlimited made the businessmen attending an international trade conference in Calgary, Canada their prisoners and held them to ransom. Members of the original Infinity Inc and Global Guardians were present to guard the conference, but felt compelled to do the bidding of Injustice Unlimited, who held Hourman II captive - and had also hypnotized the Global Guardian known as Ice Maiden.

Accompanied by Wildcat II and Tasmanian Devil, Hazard went to Taj's casino and used her powers to win games there - thereby avenging her grandfather's death by causing financial disaster to Taj. When she realized the Wizard was willing to kill their opponents, Hazard considered leaving Injustice Unlimited. The group was defeated in battle by Infinity Inc and the Global Guardians.

Hazard later appeared with other villains who were hunting for male superheroes were turned into animals by Circe. Circe had orchestrated a world wide scheme against Wonder Woman and all the male superheros with a powerful spell. However she along with Hazard and many other female criminals were beaten. Hazard has not been seen since and her current whereabouts are not known.

Powers & Abilities

Hazard has Psionic powers she used in conjunction with special dice to influence the likelihood as she wishes. She can cause good luck or harmful "accidents" to harm someone. The origin of his powers, the nature of their data, and the relationship between them are unknown. Furthermore, it keeps herself in good physical condition, but has no training in fighting hand to hand.

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