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Nagi has done the one thing no one ever expected from the pampered heiress: gotten a job! But her first-ever day of work leaves her too exhausted to enjoy Sakuya's birthday party, an Osaka-style comedy spectacular where the birthday girl's friends are forced to perform before a massive audience. After a comedy buildup spanning several chapters and this cover blurb, can Hayate make 'em laugh?

Chapter Titles

  • Episode 1: "No Matter How High the Anticipation of a Great Punch Line, a Boy Must Live Up to a Girl's Expectations"
  • Episode 2: "When You Think About It, Turning into an Animal when Your True Identity Is Revealed Is Scary"
  • Episode 3: "Where We're Headed To"
  • Episode 4: "Even in a Samurai Drama, a Person Usually Becomes Obedient when He Sees a Tattoo of Streaming Cherry Blossoms"
  • Episode 5: "Distance—Even if It's Near"
  • Episode 6: "Distance—Even if It's Far"
  • Episode 7: "Hayate Once Upon a Time Story"
  • Episode 8: "It's a Mystery How a Girl You Didn't Notice at the Beginning of the Term Starts Looking Cute by the End"
  • Episode 9: "I Want to Go Hiking. I Really Want to Go. I Mean, I Want to Get Out of My Workplace"
  • Episode 10: "A Child Is a Lost Child Because He's Lost. I'm Lost in Life. H-E-L-P..."
  • Episode 11: "A Wild Life. The Animals Are Unforgiving to Me"







Story Arcs

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