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What makes a maid? When the ghostly priest who haunts the Sanzenin mansion (what, you forgot about the ghostly priest?) reveals that he can't rest in peace before fulfilling his last earthly wish, the ever-accommodating Hayate promises to help. Unfortunately, that wish is to hit on a nubile maid! Soon everyone--Hayate, of course, included--is struggling to master the arcane art of maid cosplay. And if that's not exciting enough to send you to Heaven, this volume also reveals the shocking secret origin of Nagi's pet tiger.

Chapter Titles

  • Episode 1: "Some Rurounin Said the Will to Live Is Stronger than Anything Else, but the Reality Is..."
  • Episode 2: "Is There Still a Service Called 'Smile, 0 Yen'?"
  • Episode 3: "Better Fortune ☆ The Shrine of Ambition: No Appearance for the Katsura Sisters"
  • Episode 4: "Catching the Dreams of the Bubble Economy in My Hand"
  • Episode 5: "If I Die, Please Destroy My Hard Drive Without Viewing the Contents"
  • Episode 6: "Rozen Maid. A Maid Created by Rozen. I Won't Let You Trash Her"
  • Episode 7: "No Matter What Anyone Says, Your Own Cat Is the Cutest"
  • Episode 8: "There's Someone with a Stronger Connection than ADSL and Fiber Optics"
  • Episode 9: "Keep on Dreaming"
  • Episode 10: "The Coffee Shops and Family Restaurants in Nerima and Suginami Are Full of Manga Artists, Editors and Animators"
  • Episode 11: "The Maid Saw It and Has Been Seen"







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