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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 053: "Give It Your Best, Nagi's — Special Training" (がんばれナギーズ 特訓中)
  • Chapter 054: "It's Up To The Runner To Win The Race..." (勝てるかどうかはランナーしだい…)
  • Chapter 055: "Like 'Run Jolie'... Too-roo-roo..." (走れジョリーのように トゥルルー)
  • Chapter 056: "Tigers Of Money" (マネーのとら)
  • Chapter 057: "Many Kids Must Be In Trouble Since Train_Man Showed Their Parents What Comiket Is All About" (電車男のせいでコミケとはなんなのかが親などに知られ困っている子供は多いはず)
  • Chapter 058: "Distance"
  • Chapter 059: "Ba-bump☆ My Butler Is My Idol?! The New Shojo Manga Series, Episode 1" (ドキッ☆ 憧れの人は私の執事!? という少女まんがの新連載1回目)
  • Chapter 060: "One Who Is Darkness Beyond Twilight, I Will Turn You More Crimson Than Flowing Blood" (黄昏よりも暗き者 血の流れよりも赤くしてやる)
  • Chapter 061: "The Vagabond's Ordeal — The Mysterious Dungeon For Dropout Butlers" (風来の試練 落第執事の不思議な迷宮(ダンジョン))
  • Chapter 062: "Hayate And The Colossus" (ハヤテと巨像)
  • Chapter 063: "And It Won't Be A Legend" (そして伝説にならない)







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