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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 042: "Defeated, But Still Fighting" (負けてもマケンドー)
  • Chapter 043: "I Won't Forget You Were The Voice Actor In Art Of Fighting" (龍虎の拳の声優をしていた事を僕は忘れない)
  • Chapter 044: "Arrested For Breaking A Window At The School At Night" (夜の校舎の窓ガラス割ってタイホ)
  • Chapter 045: "Elohim Essaim, Let's Recite A Charm!!" (エロイムエッサイム さぁ呪文を唱えよう!!)
  • Chapter 046: "Mr. Cow, Mr. Cow! - What Is It Mr. Frog?" (ウシくん ウシくん!なんだい カエルくん?)
  • Chapter 047: "I Like Reading Books, But I Don't Know How To Make Use Of Them" (本は好きですが紙使いになれません)
  • Chapter 048: "Let's Sing At Ryugujo" (歌え竜宮城)
  • Chapter 049: "Saki-san's Ambition [National Edition]" (サキさんのヤボ用(全国版))
  • Chapter 050: "Raging Waves"
  • Chapter 051: "Titanic Episode 4 - With A Vengeance" (タイタニック エピソード4 WITH A VENGEANCE)
  • Chapter 052: "Nagi - Andalusia's Winter" (ナギ・アンダルシアの冬)







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