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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 032: "Hayate The Combat Butler"
  • Chapter 033: "If This Were An Anime, The Opening Would Change!" (アニメだったらオープニングがかわります!)
  • Chapter 034: "If The Teacher Told You To Die, Would You?!" (先生が死ねと言ったらお前は死ぬんだな!?)
  • Chapter 035: "Fools, Smoke, And Cats... No One Wants To Climb Up To High Places" (バカもケムリも猫も高い所に登りたいわけじゃない)
  • Chapter 036: "A Power That Won't Revolutionize The World" (世界を革命しない力)
  • Chapter 037: "A Long Time Ago, Space Sheriff Gyaban Taught Us that Youth Is About Not Turning Back!" (僕らは昔、宇宙刑事に若さとは振り向かない事だと教わった!)
  • Chapter 038: "The One Who Controls Summer Seems To Control The Entrance Exam" (夏を制する者は受験を制すらしいっすよ)
  • Chapter 039: "Funny Bunny"
  • Chapter 040: "The First Class Likes Curry" (一流はカレーが好き)
  • Chapter 041: "Samurai, Bushido And Moving Van Damme" (サムライ、ブシドー、動くヴァンダム)
  • Extra Episode: "Radical Dreamers"







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