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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 328: "We Still Have Not Received The Pay For The Assistant Work We Did That Day" (あの日したアシスタント代を僕達はまだもらっていない?)
  • Chapter 329: "Tennage Dream" (早起きのコツは早寝する事?)
  • Chapter 330: "Hello America!" (君が好きだと叫びたい?)
  • Chapter 331: "It Is As Quiet As 200 Million Years Ago, Isn't it?" (二億年前のように静かだね)
  • Chapter 332: "A Genius's Strategy" (天才の戦略)
  • Chapter 333: "Something Special" (特別な何か)
  • Chapter 334: "Identity Crisis"
  • Chapter 335: "2012" (サンタの教え)
  • Chapter 336: "ROCK OVER JAPAN"
  • Chapter 337: "The Bad Timing Of A Maid's Sulking Is Intentional" (スネた間の悪さもそれもメイドのタイミング)
  • Chapter 338: "Hehe, Shuddup!" (毎日コツコツ続ける事が大事)







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