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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 021: "A Battle For Men" (男の戦い)
  • Chapter 022: "The Tokyo Underground" (東京の地下鉄)
  • Chapter 023: "The Kingdom Of Ambition" (場合は、この王国野望)
  • Chapter 024: "I Lost My Temper And Did It Because I Was Mortified About Losing To Little Kids On The Street. But, I Have No Regrets" (街中で子供に負けたのが悔しくてついカッとなってやった。でも後悔はしていない)
  • Chapter 025: "A Nuisance, Even For Peter Pan" (ピーターパンもいい迷惑)
  • Chapter 026: "Who Came Up With The Sound Effect, 'Kapok'? It's Awesome" (カポーンって擬音は誰が考えたんだろう? スゲーよね)
  • Chapter 027: "I Never Had The Problem Of Being Too Popular" (モテる苦労はした事ないなぁ〜)
  • Chapter 028: "I Wanted To See The Challenge Of The Super Shuffle" (スーパーシャッフルの挑戦が見たかった)
  • Chapter 029: "By The Time Ojo-sama Cries" (お嬢さまのなく頃に)
  • Chapter 030: "Wavering Hearts" (心を揺らして)
  • Chapter 031: "I'm Hoping My Voice Will Reach You" (君にこの声が届きますように)







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