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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 306: "It's An Option That Comes Default On Little Blonde Girls" (金髪幼女にはデフォルトでついてるオプションです)
  • Chapter 307: "I Want To Become An Oil Magnate" (石油王になりたい)
  • Chapter 308: "Carelessness Means Acting Carelessly In Careless Moments" (うっかりは、うっかりしている時にうっかりする)
  • Chapter 309: "The Honorific "Onee-san" Is Filled With Romance" (敬語お姉さんが恋愛で満たされて)
  • Chapter 310: "Strong Feelings, Strong Love. Are These Feelings Real?" (強い気持ち強い愛。今のその気持ちホントかなぁ?)
  • Chapter 311: "Nobody Wanted To Lie Initially" (誰も始めからウソツキになりたかったわけじゃない)
  • Chapter 312: "Karaoke Is Enjoyable Even If You're Singing Alone" (カラオケは一人でも楽しい)
  • Chapter 313: "It's Not That I Wanted To Fool Her. When I Think About Her, It Makes Me Lie Just A Little Bit" (別にだましたいんじゃない。相手の事を想うがあまり、ほんの少しだけ人はウソをついてしまうのです)
  • Chapter 314: "Overlapping Lies And Life" (重なる嘘と人生)
  • Chapter 315: "The Problem Is That I Love Him Despite That" (それでも好きだから困る)
  • Chapter 316: "Don't Move Another Step" (もうお前一歩も動くな)







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