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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 295: "As The Coincidences Pile Up, People Will Run Into Someone Else" (偶然に偶然を重ねて人は誰かと出会う?)
  • Chapter 296: "Luca" (ルカ?)
  • Chapter 297: "You&Me"
  • Chapter 298: "Idol Master" (アイドルマスター?)
  • Chapter 299: "Don't Stop! Dreamer On The Road!"
  • Chapter 300: "The Return Of The King" (王の帰還?)
  • Chapter 301: "A Child Can Be The Bond Between Two People. Even If They Haven't Bonded Yet" (子はかすがいかもしれない。まだかすがってないけど?)
  • Chapter 302: "Come To My Place" (ウチにおいでよ?)
  • Chapter 303: "An Ordinary Life That KyoAni Wouldn't Turn Into An Anime" (京アニがアニメ化とかしない方の日常?)
  • Chapter 304: "That River Next To Akihabara Is The Kanda River" (秋葉原の側にあるあの川が神田川なんだよ?)
  • Chapter 305: "You Meet A Lot Of People Marriage Hunting When Drawing Storyboards At A Café" (喫茶店とかでネーム描いてると婚活している人によく会います?)







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