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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 218: "The Stone Of Bonds" (絆の石)
  • Chapter 219: "We Are Not Innovators! Our Minds Cannot Be Transmitted To Each Other Well" (イノベイターではない僕らの心はお互いうまく伝わらない)
  • Chapter 220: "The Time To Forget Your Troubles Has Come. The Memory Mechanism Is Still Scientifically Unclear" (トラブルは忘れた頃にやってくる)
  • Chapter 221: "Because You Go To The Beach, There's Something You Have To Do" (ビーチに来たからにはやる事がある)
  • Chapter 222: "Love Makes People Run In Odd Directions And Then They Want To Die" (恋は人をおかしな方向に走らせる。後で死にたくなる)
  • Chapter 223: "Winning And Happiness Are Equal But Not Linked" (勝つことと幸せはイコールで結ばれない)
  • Chapter 224: "Getting A Girl Into A Good Mood Is Difficult, But Important" (女の子のご機嫌をとるのは大変。でも大事)
  • Chapter 225: "And Yet I Shoudn't Be Doing It" (それでも僕はやってないはず)
  • Chapter 226: "The Living Things Known As Girls Are Naturally Strong" (女の子という生き物は普通に強い)
  • Chapter 227: "Like Shadows Overlapping Each Other In The Sunset" (夕日で重なる影のように)
  • Chapter 228: "Memories Transcend Time" (思い出は時を超えて)







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