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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 010: "In The Wee Hours Of A Full Moon Night, Roasting, Smashing And Grinding Them To Powder" (月夜の晩の丑三つ時に焼いてつぶして粉にする)
  • Chapter 011: "The Mystery Of Men Playing Shogi All The Time At The Foot Of The Tsutenkaku Tower" (通天閣の下のおじさんたちはいつも将棋ばかりしている謎)
  • Chapter 012: "The New 'Run Towards Our Sun!'" (新・僕らの太陽に向かって走れ!)
  • Chapter 013: "Quest Of The Avatar"
  • Chapter 014: "How Much Is Your Life?"
  • Chapter 015: "A Way To Lose The Golden Feather" (黄金の羽のなくし方)
  • Chapter 016: "Careless Kindness Brings Unhappiness" (不用意な優しさが不幸を呼ぶ)
  • Chapter 017: "Bad Ending Flags In All Directions" (バッドエンド直行フラグ立ちまくり)
  • Chapter 018: "Even A Fool Catches Cold, So Please Help Me, Nurse Angel, I'm Not Finished Yet!!" (バカでもカゼは引くから助けてナースエンジェル。まだまだいくよーっ!!)
  • Chapter 019: "Night Of The Servants" (使用人(かまい)たちの夜)
  • Chapter 020: "When I Turned, I Remembered That Was The Beginning Of Unhappiness" (振り返った時あれが不幸の始まりだったと思い出す)







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