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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 196: "Suffocation - Explosion - Adventure" (切なさ炸裂アドベンチャー)
  • Chapter 197: "If You Feel Like You Have Become A Little Greater When You Wake Up Early In The Morning... Then You Are Imagining Things" (朝早く起きるとちょっと自分がエラくなったような気がする…という気のせい)
  • Chapter 198: "The Strongest Halberd And The Strongest Shield Are Made To Fight Each Other" (最強の矛と盾は相いれないようにできている)
  • Chapter 199: "Nothing Will Happen As You Expect It To!! Nothing!! That's Just Your Delusion!!" (期待通りに行く事などない!! ないのだ!! それは妄想だ!!)
  • Chapter 200: "Gravity Can Draw Souls In But People Can Fly From Narita" (重力に魂は引かれても成田から人は飛べる)
  • Chapter 201: "No Matter What They Say, People Want To Be Loved More Than To Love" (なんだかんだ言っても人間は愛するよりも愛されたいのだ!)
  • Chapter 202: "In A Love Comedy, A Bathroom Is A Battleground. You Will Die If You Come Unprepared." (おフロ場はラブコメでは戦場。油断すると死ぬ)
  • Chapter 203: "It's More Profitable Not To Gamble." (博打はしない方が儲かる)
  • Chapter 204: "I Caught A Cold... My Throat Hurts..." (カゼひいた…ノド痛い…)
  • Chapter 205: "You Are Not Suppose To Say "Funny You Should Mention That. It's Not A Dream!!" (「ところがどっこい夢じゃありませーん!!」とは言わない)
  • Chapter 206: "A Free Guy Is Strong, Unreasonably Strong" (フリーダムな奴は強い。理不尽に強い)







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