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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 185: "The End Of The World (8): The Birth Of The Lord Of Hatred" (THE END OF THE WORLD(8)憎悪の王の誕生)
  • Chapter 186: "The End Of The World (9): Don't Call Me Anymore" (THE END OF THE WORLD(9)もう届かない声で)
  • Chapter 187: "The End Of The World (10): Someday, When The Rain Ceases" (THE END OF THE WORLD(10)いつか、雨が上がったら)
  • Chapter 188: "The Moment For Arranging The Vacation Plan Is The Most Enjoyable One" (休みは計画を立てている時が一番楽しい)
  • Chapter 189: "The Person Who Is Loved Is The One Who Is Worried. Also, The Holy God Is Said To Be Dead" (愛ゆえに人は苦しむと聖帝も言ってたしね)
  • Chapter 190: "The Lively Couple In A So-Called 'Date'. It'll Be Nice If No Awful Thing Like A Disease Called Stomachache Occurs" (イチャイチャしているカップルがデートとかするともれなくちょっと腹痛になるという病気が発生すればいいのに…)
  • Chapter 191: "A Date Is Fun. Or Rather, I Mean Going Out With A Girl Is Basically Fun" (デートは楽しい。ていうか女の子と一緒なら基本的に楽しい)
  • Chapter 192: "Who Would Say A Joke That He Likes A Girl Who Is Full Of Opens?" (スキのある女の子がスキというダジャレを言うのはダレジャ)
  • Chapter 193: "Ah...At Any Rate, Even The Prime Minister Said He Wants Money, Right?" (ああ…それにしても金が欲しいって帝愛の会長も言ってたしね)
  • Chapter 194: "Quiz Magic Hamdemi" (クイズ マジック ハムデミー)
  • Chapter 195: "I Wanna Know Because I Don't Know. Now I Don't Know But I'll Know Later. That's The Quiz Game Life" (わからないから わかりたい。わかってないけど わかってしまう。そういうクイズな人生ゲーム)







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