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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 163: "Bad Luck Still Brings Bad Luck" (災いは転じても災い)
  • Chapter 164: "Magical Labyrinth"
  • Chapter 165: "The Wandering Path Of The Otaku" (オタクの迷い道)
  • Chapter 166: "I Can Straighten You Out" (私が貴女を矯正してあげてもいい)
  • Chapter 167: "Enough Is Enough For An Unforgettable Memory" (忘れられない思い出にも程がある)
  • Chapter 168: "When You're Tired, Just Sleep And Try Again" (疲れてる時は、寝てがんばれ)
  • Chapter 169: "Even If You Saw It, It's Very Important To Pretend You Didn't" (見えても、そっとしておく事が大事です)
  • Chapter 170: "'Asano-san, What You Said Earlier Was Meant In A Positive Way, Right?' 'Of Course! I'm Just Fooling Around, KAMI☆STA!'" (「浅野さん、さっきのはいい意味で言ったんだよね?」「もちろん!」誤解を生みがち、カミ☆スタ!)
  • Chapter 171: "When You Beat The Bushes, Snakes Appear, Corpses Appear, Nothing Good Happens" (藪をつつくとヘビが出る。死体とかも出る。ろくな事がない)
  • Chapter 172: "No Definite Plans" (予定は未定)
  • Chapter 173: "For Now, Try Discussing It With Body Language" (とりあえず話し合いは肉体語でやってみる)







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