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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 130: "Some Rurounin Said The Will To Live Is Stronger Than Anything Else, But The Reality Is..."
  • Chapter 131: "Is There Still A Service Called 'Smile, 0 Yen'?"
  • Chapter 132: "Better Fortune ☆ The Shrine Of Ambition: No Appearance For The Katsura Sisters"
  • Chapter 133: "Catching The Dreams Of The Bubble Economy In My Hand"
  • Chapter 134: "If I Die, Please Destroy My Hard Drive Without Viewing The Contents"
  • Chapter 135: "Rozen Maid. A Maid Created By Rozen. I Won't Let You Trash Her"
  • Chapter 136: "No Matter What Anyone Says, Your Own Cat Is The Cutest"
  • Chapter 137: "There's Someone With A Stronger Connection Than ADSL Or Fiber Optics"
  • Chapter 138: "Keep On Dreaming"
  • Chapter 139: "The Coffee Shops And Family Restaurants In Nerima And Suginami Are Full Of Manga Artists, Editors And Animators"
  • Chapter 140: "The Maid Saw It And Has Been Seen"







Story Arcs

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