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The Year Before

Hay Lin is a Chinese descendent who lives in Heatherfield. She is an artistic girl who helps her father, mother, and grandmother manage their Chinese restaurant called Silver Dragon. She was born on June 4 and in the comics, she was interpreted as a 13 year old girl.
During their class in Aerodynamics in which they were tasked to create a kite, it was Hay Lin's first time to encounter the blessings of her element. Due to being extremely creative, Hay Lin created a kite with the shape of a Chinese dragon not knowing that it will violate the laws of Aerodynamics somehow. Causing it not to fly, her professor scolded her and discussed what she have violated. Meanwhile, Irma Lair who happened to be looking at the window during that time, saw Hay Lin's kite fly. No one could ever believe but it did. The powers of air have just made Hay Lin's effort a good kite.

Falling in Love

Hay Lin and Eric Lyndon

Hay Lin fell in love with a guy who was named Eric Lyndon who is the grandson of an astronomer named Zachary Lyndon. He owns an electric scooter and loves playing basketball with the other boys. They met when Hay Lin unintentionally spilled the soup on him while in Silver Dragon. When Eric's parents Louise and Charles decided to move to another place, they would temporarily be far from each other.


She represents the letter H in the W.I.T.C.H. team. She was guardian of Kandrakar whose powers to fly is exclusive compared to other guardians. She can also tell whether a person is lying or not. She can manipulate air temperatures and movements causing tornadoes and her enemies to freeze. Through the powers of air, she can also have precognitions through sounds and other means. In the TV Series, she is the only one who can turn herself invisible although all guardians in the comics can.  The air can also tell things that are being done through sounds such as what the person is typing on his computer. As revealed in their ninth issue, Hay Lin's powers originated from a Chinese myth. Her powers came from a dragon which beholds the powers of air. She also became the first target of the Ragorlangs which aims to absorb her powers to retain the immortality of Tecla.


Hay Lin knows no limit regarding arts. Besides, she loves taking down notes not only on her notebook but even on her pal or forhead. She also loves reading comic books, creating art activities and collecting extraterrestrial stuff such as aliens. When she's excited, she flies up (in the TV series). Later on, she starts to wear dental braces.

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