When was his last appearance as carter before return of hawkman?

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I can't tell the difference between history with katar and carter

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Originally Hawkman was Carter Hall who was a reincarnation of Khufu, the ancient Egyptian Pharoah.  He would later meet Shiera Sanders who was the reincarnation Chay-Ara, the wife of Khufu
That was during The Golden Age.
The Silver age Hawkman was Katar Hol, a Thanagarian Policeman who comes to Earth searching for a criminal named Byth.
After Crisis DC introduced a new Hawkman and dumped Katar Hol, though they brought him back several years later. The New Hawkman became Fel Andar, who became Hawkman II. Fel andar was spy sent by The Thanagarian to infiltrate the Justice League. I believe DC has since wiped him from continuity.

For The Modern Age DC hired Geoff Johns to clear up his history since it was kind of jumbled up. Geoff Johns wiped out the history with Katar Hol and made Hawkman carter Hall once again. They changed his origin story so that he was Prince Khufu and his wife Chay-Ara and that he and his wife have died and been reincarnated as various heroes throughout time. That is about as much as I can understand since his history is still very jumbled up.

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@CrimsonAvenger: where was he before return of hawkman in the jsa
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DC tried to bring him back but failed and as a result the character was in limbo for some time until DC was able to successfully relaunch JSA.
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Never mind. Nobody answered properly but I know now. Lol. It doesn't matter.

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