Michael Shanks Talks About Playing Smallville's Hawkman

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Movieweb got an interview with Smallville's Hawkman himself, Michael Shanks. The episode containing Hawkman, and the JSA, written by Geoff Johns, will air this Friday, Feb 5th at 8/7 on the CW. By now, you should know, because of all the articles the hard working staff has posted for you to see, that this will be a 2-hour epic featuring a buttload of DC characters. 

There is an appearance by nearly every single member of the Justice Society. Some more than others, obviously. Fans can expect true-to-form characterizations. What Geoff Johns wrote for Hawkman, and what I intended to do with him, was stay loyal to the comic book personality of Carter Hall. There are some interesting twists and turns when it comes to Kent Nelson and Star Girl... In terms of the JSA, there is a lot of backstory. There is a lot of angst and pathos. There is some good resolution at the end as well. 

Mr. Shanks continues on to tell the reader that there will be a lot of Carter's back story, including what happened to the rest of his crew and where they currently are in the Smallville world. He also mentions they're will be some "Easter Eggs" within the episode.

 There are tons of Easter Eggs. I think there are appearances by every single member of the JSA in some fashion or another. I don't want to give too much away. It's all a real neat treat, and a real testament to the comics.

I'm pulling for Flash and Green Lantern... Maybe even Starman. JSA has a giant roster, so I'm sure we'll see the main teammates as the 2 hour long train rolls by.

Mr. Shanks gets more in depth with the origins of his character within the interview also.

 The Egyptian Origin [reincarnation] has more of a romantic implication. Especially when considering his relationship with Hawkgirl. That plays a part of the storytelling seen in this upcoming movie. I believe it's a more believable implication. I don't think they wanted him to be another alien from a different planet. Because isn't that what aliens do? They show up from a different planet and they start kicking ass. There have been stranger things to happen in the DC Universe, but the reincarnation origin brings more romanticism to the character.

For all the juicy details, check out the interview on movieweb
I've tried time and time again to get into this show, but I've never really like it; however, JSA + Geoff Johns really appeals to me. I will for sure be at least tivoing this 2-hour event this Friday. Plus, these pictures of Hawkman don't look too bad. How about you guys? Will you watch it? 
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I am so excited for this movie and am looking foward to watching and possibly recording for later play back

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Oh I'll be watching it.  
I find it amusing Smallville started out with a "No Flight, No Tights" tagline which worked extremely well for the time it aired, but over time it's (d)evolved (depends on how you look at it) into more visual adaptation from the comic (Green Arrow, Doomsday, now the JSA) and at this point in time it's at the very least injecting new life into what should be a dying show. I'll admit though, the quality on the series is like a rollercoaster: up, down, side to side, upside down, and sometimes going in a puke inducing circle, but for the last while it's been on an upswing. 
And as far as the JSA "movie" goes I'm looking forward to seeing how they can pull it off ( the writing from Johns and comic costumes meeting the "realistic"  tone of Smallville). Each time I see Shanks without the helmet on I get really optimistic, then he puts it on and it makes him look like a much smaller guy almost like he's a fan at a convention. Still the interview has me very excited.
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I love HM and MS so this will be great. 

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Oh I can't wait for this friday :D
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ooo, he's lush.

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I think Smallville is a great opportunity for DC to introduce it's lesser known characters. It's the one advantage it has over Marvel, who let's face it, have nailed the movie strategy

#7 Posted by The Psyentist (19124 posts) - - Show Bio

I have never watched Smallville. This is making me watch to watch it...

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I know who I'll be looking for!

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he actually goes from cheesy to epic when you take off the wings and helmet. i hope Bart just flash's in and steals the helmet, and we dont see it televised ever again...

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Man, this movie is goona be sweet!

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This is going t be awesome ( I hope ).  I am a huge Hawkman fan and because of Hawkman and  Geoff JohnsI have become a big JSA fan as well.

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