Is Hawkman A Human or Alien?

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Ok can somebody tell me is Hawkman a human or alien? I ask this because in some sites it says he is a alien and other sites he is a human. So witch is it?
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It depends. He's been retold over and over again so there are many different versions of the character. Normally, now, he's a human with alien gear.

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Both, I think. Aliens who are reborn multiple times in human bodies.
I don't know too much about them (Hawkman and Hawkgirl), to be honest. But I think that's the gist of it.

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Well Hawkman's history is very complicated. He had several versions. Some of the them were alien like Katar Hol who was from Thanagar and others like Carter Hall are human.

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Hawkman continuity is not that difficult to understand as long as you pay attention. Anyway, if you're talking about Carter Hall who is the original and current Hawkman, than he's human with alien gear. If you're talking about Katar Hol who was Hawkman during the 90s, then he's a Thanagarian. Simple.
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I've tried to get into his character and have been just confused at many alterations. 
Gonna wait for the "relaunch" to see if i can get on board again. 

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Good question.

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i think he was originally a thanagar soldier who was stranded on Earth (Egypt) he became like pharaoh or something, was murdered, and reincarnated over and over as the current carter Hall..anyway i THINK that's his backstory..him along with power girl are the ones who need the reboot the most

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Actuall Stegman, you're thinking of Hawkman's origin from the Justice League cartoon which was a combined origin of both Hawkmen. And Hawkman doesn't require a reboot. He just needs you ferds to have working brains.

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It depends on which Hawkman. There have been three Hawkmen over the years; Carter Hall, Katar Hol, and Fel Andar. Carter is the current one, Katar has been erased from continuity and DC could care less about saying whether or not Fel Andar exists in the mainstream universe.

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god no crimson avenger. get your shit straight.
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Currently, he's a human (Carter Hall)

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