Hawkman: Is Carter Hall and Katar Hol the same person? Help?

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I was reading about Hawkman on wikipedia. I was reading about the Golden Age Hawkman known as Carter Hall. Towards the end of the passage where it was talking about how recently,after returning as Hawkman, he went to help in the Rann-Thanagar Holy War, where he was approached by Demiurge, a nameless God. Who started to refer Carter as 'Katar Hol', the silver age Hawkman. I dont get this. BUt here i'll post the passage.


To add a further matter of confusion, Carter, returning to space to help during the Rann-Thanagar Holy War, is approached by the Demiurge, a nameless god who inspired Plato into describing his namesake. The Demiurge denounces the cycle of incarnation and rebirths of Khufu and Chay-Ara as lies, simple grafts of the alternate version of Carter and Shiera residing in the different worlds of the multiverse that existed before the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He tells Carter that there are "Six Aberrations" in total, including Hawkman, whose origins are muddled and damaged by the the destruction and recreation of the universe.

Carter is moderately impressed, until the Demiurge starts addressing to him as Katar Hol, turning his suspicions into fear: maybe Katar is the core personality, and Carter an echo from another earth."

Whats it mean? Is Carter and Katar the same person? whats up? I am a new Hawkman fan, and just wanted to get the facts straight.
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Don't worry I don't think anyone knows whats up with hawkman anymore with all the retcons.

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When Johns was writing JSA and brought back Hawkman, he made it seem like They were not the same person but were kindred spirits. They are two different people from different worlds but are very similar. I think back during zero hour Carter and Katar were merged into one being so at one time they were the same person, but during his resurrection Katar is shown giving his essence to Carter to help Carter come back. So some of Katar was with Carter for awhile. Now that the white entity has brought Carter back, it's safe to assume it's just Carter. I hope that clears it up for you. 

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For a while after The Return of Hawkman story arc in JSA part of Katar Hol's soul was in Carter. He was created a mixture but in his core he is Carter.

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I personally believe that what the Demiurge said implies that the current Hawkman is not Carter, but Katar, deep down despite previous statements that the current Hawkman's core personality was Carter.

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